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Setting My Intention For 2020


If you’ve been anywhere near Twitter or the blogosphere in the last couple of weeks, you’ll probably have seen people talk about setting their intention for the new year. I’m pretty sure there’s even been a couple of YouTube videos floating around, too. So this is my own post to let you guys know what I’m going to be focusing on in 2020 – my “word for the year”, if you will. If you’re curious to see what I’ve come up with or still need some inspiration for your own intention, look no further!

Two weeks ago, I talked about how I was not going to set any New Year’s resolutions anymore, and why. If you haven’t read that post yet, you can find it here. Don’t worry, I’m still sticking to what I said then, but since I had seen people choosing their word for the year on social media, I started thinking about it and it seemed to be something that’s right for me as we really settle in to 2020. It was a bit of a new concept to me, though, and I have to admit that, while I did consider it briefly, I hadn’t really given it too much thought yet. Until I watched Adriene’s second video of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge: Intend. As I was moving through the practice, the whole concept just clicked and I immediately felt that it is something that is completely right for me at this point in time; something I really need to keep me moving forward. And so it probably doesn’t really come as a surprise that my intention for 2020, my word for the year, is “growth”.

I have to admit that it took quite a bit of thinking for me to finally settle on this one word. I felt like there were so many different ones that could describe, or rather capture what I’m hoping to accomplish this year. A few other contenders were, for example, “strength”, “power”, “confidence” and “perseverance”. But none of them really clicked. Sure, they’re all things I’m hoping to hold on to as the year moves along, but none of them had me feeling like they were powerful enough, y’know? And they also seemed to be a bit too vague for my liking. There was just something about those words that they weren’t ticking all of my boxes (why yes, I have been watching winter Love Island, tyvm). And then “growth” popped up in my head, and it was perfect. You’re probably wondering why, and my answer is two-fold.

Firstly, I’m hoping to accomplish some personal growth in 2020. I haven’t been having the best time lately, as I’ve been really struggling with my mental health, but since I’m now feeling a lot better I’m definitely hoping to be able to carry that on as the year continues. I want to really nail a kind of self-care routine. By which I mean that I want to start exercising regularly again (getting a good start with the 30 Day Yoga Challenge already), I want to really change up my eating habits and make healthier choices, I want to figure out my perfect skincare routine and actually stick to it daily, and I want to learn how to prioritise my own mental health over anything else. But apart from all of those pretty cliché things, I also want to push myself out of my comfort zone. I feel like a huge part of my depression has been me just staying inside my safe bubble of staying at home and watching YouTube or Netflix. That seriously needs to change because it is no way to live. I mean, I’m still going to enjoy nights in just watching a new promising Netflix show or catching up on my favourite YouTubers, but I need to get out of the house more, too. I need to stop letting my insecurities dictate my every move. And so, whenever something new presents itself to me, whether that’s an opportunity I can’t pass up or an invitation by friends to go grab some drinks, I’m going to keep the word “growth” in the back of my mind and see where it takes me; instead of staying in my comfort zone and never progressing at all.

Apart from all that, though, I also really want to grow my business. And for me, that means both my freelance translation work and my blog. I officially started my freelance business last year in May, but I haven’t been getting any jobs yet, because I haven’t been putting in the work. My mental health was getting the better of me, and I did not feel up to putting myself out there and looking for translation jobs. But the reality of it is: being a freelancer is not free. There’s a lot of costs involved, even if you’re not necessarily buying anything for your business. So in order for me to at least break even – but preferably obviously make a profit – I need to get to work. Ideally, I want to be taken on by a couple of translation agencies and receive regular work through them, as well as find my own clients that can hopefully turn into returning customers. In order to achieve that, I’m going to have to sell myself hardcore, which is something I find quite hard, but at the same time I’m confident that I’m now ready to at least try. I need to start backing myself more and believe in my own skills, because I can do this and I am good at what I do (god, that was even hard to type out!).

And then on top of that, I want to see where I can take this little blog of mine. It would be nice to be able to earn some extra income from this, even if it’s not my “main” business. Obviously that is not the most important thing, though. What I really want is to grow an interactive audience that likes what I write and gets something out of it as well. And I know it’s not all about the numbers, but it would feel great to feel like I’m actually accomplishing something instead of just shouting words out into the void, y’know? The same goes for my Instagram and Twitter accounts – I would love to actually see the follower numbers on those social media steadily go up. Especially since I’ve been putting in a little bit more effort with my Instagram again and am trying to post consistently. And like I said, it’s not about the numbers (as people are so happy to remind you whenever they see fit), but I feel like people wouldn’t be starting blogs and posting to social media accounts if they didn’t want to reach others in the process. So that is what I’m going to be trying to do this year.

I definitely feel like 2020, for me, is going to be the year where everything gets turned around. Instead of moping around and not doing anything other than Netflixing and chilling, I’m going to grow into the confident boss lady I know that I am, deep down (but like, way deep). And I know that it’s going to be hard at first, but I also know it’s going to get easier as I get on. The first step is always the hardest!

Have you thought about choosing a word for the year? If so, what have you landed on? I’d love to hear about your story in the comments down below.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you again next week with a new blog post!

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