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What I’m Looking Forward To After Quarantine


Since Belgium has now officially entered the first phase of our exit strategy (with the next phase on the horizon), I’ve allowed myself to start dreaming of all the things we will be able to do again. Just, you know, the normal everyday life stuff, but also maybe bigger things like a holiday abroad. And it had me thinking: what am I most looking forward to once this whole situation has come to an end?

I have to say that I’m still a bit scared that we’re all diving into this a little too quickly. And it does feel weird to see people get into a sort of ‘celebratory mood’ or to be looking forward to the end of quarantine when there are still people dying every day, there are still families that are losing loved ones, even though “the numbers are low”. Like… We’re still in a pandemic, and although the situation might get (a lot) better in the coming months, as long as there’s no vaccine I think we’re going to be adjusting our day-to-day for the foreseeable future. But, having said that, I do think it’s important for people to try to remain positive and have something to look forward to – for our sanity.

Honestly, at the start of this whole mad situation, I was doing fine. I’m an introvert and a freelancer, so I was already spending most of my time at home (either on my own or with my partner) and I wasn’t really feeling the impact of the lockdown as much as others seemingly were. But now that it’s been about eight weeks I’m definitely starting to feel a little low and missing some of the things we took for granted before the virus hit. So I decided to make a list of the things I’m looking forward to the most once normal(ish) life resumes


I have to admit that I’m running quite low on the ‘friends’ side of things, but I am looking forward to Friday night dinners at my parents’ and Tuesday evenings with my boyfriend’s family. We’ve of course had a few a lot of Skype calls and we even do a weekly quiz/game night with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend, but it’s just not the same!


If you’ve been around for while, you will probably already know that one of my favourite things to do around here is go to foom. I don’t know what it is about that place… Well, actually I do know. They make the most delicious American pancakes and their lattes are to die for. The interior is very cozy, and Instagramable as well – which is always a plus.


Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you: we are not really the type to leave the house a lot (which makes us sound like antisocial hermits – we’re not, we’re just homebodies). However, having said that, we did like to stroll through town on a Saturday or go out for little day trips every now and then, and I have to admit that I’ve been craving some of that lately.


This is something that is obviously not a regular thing for us (we’re not rich), but I haven’t been to Disneyland in ages and I’ve been wanting to go back for over a year now. It was never the right time and it is quite expensive, so we haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I do feel like planning a trip to Disneyland Paris is one of the first things I’m going to want to do when this is all over.


If you’re following me on Instagram (and if not, now might be a good time to start *wink*), you might’ve already seen that I’m doing the Zoella #ComeWhatMay challenge in my stories, and one of the prompts was “Dreaming of…” So I dove into our old photo albums (digitally, of course) and found a folder full of stunning pictures from our trip to Corfu back in 2018 and all I’ve wanted to do since is just go back there. That’s our next holiday sorted, then!

As I said, I think it may be a while yet before we’ll be able to resume our normal lives fully, but in order to not go completely mad I do think it’s helpful to have something to look forward to, something to keep you going. And so I made this list to help myself stay sane in these weird times, but I hope that it might also inspire you to start thinking about life after this pandemic. The more we do now to help stop the spread of the virus, or at least slow it down, the sooner we’ll be able to go about our lives as normal as possible again.

How have you been holding up during these trying times? And what are some of the things you are looking forward to doing again when life returns to normal? Let me know in the comments, because I’d love to chat to you.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you again next week with a new blog post!

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